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A new website

Without hard choices a new website which brings you leads.

Great design

Marketing as base

Within 4 weeks online

Website laten maken StoryBrand

A new website can quickly become a drama

A perfect website without hassle

Website review

Marketing as a base

The basis of the website is not in the design but in the right marketing message. In the “De Gouden Jay” marketing session we discuss your target group and what problem your company solves for them.

In the marketing session we also advise you which pages are really necessary to achieve your goals.

Great webdesign

Choose one of the various website designs that are specially designed to optimally present the marketing message.

Based on your logo, corporate identity, printing and colors, the web design is adjusted so that the style fits perfectly with the company.

Blij met nieuwe website

Within 4 weeks online

Most importantly, the website does what it’s supposed to do. Attract customers, sell products, generate leads or attract staff. The proven process will certainly make this happen.

After the marketing session, we deliver the website within 4 weeks. If you want to make some changes, we are always there for you. In the user-friendly backend you can easily adjust texts or photos.

We understand that you want a website that is beautiful and makes money at the same time.

With a proven method and as a certified StoryBrand guide, we get your marketing message crystal clear.

Web design based on a unique marketing method.

We have been making effective websites since 2006.

Marketing website laten maken StoryBrand

“I really enjoyed the marketing session. It made me think carefully about my service and what problem I’m solving for the customer. I couldn’t articulate it myself and this method helped to get my message out to the world.”

– Silvia Klink HR – Leiden

De Gouden Gaai marketingsessie Homepage Contactpagina "Over ons" pagina Blog Leadgenerator

“We had a special site made to recruit new staff. With the unique marketing method, we had a successful new website within 2 weeks and we received our first application.”

– Bril Negenentwintig – Wageningen

A website for every purpose

Landing page

The Golden Jay marketing session
Result-oriented optimization
Homepage with contact form

1,390 euro


The Golden Jay marketing session
Result-oriented optimization
Contact page
"About Us" page
Blog / Portfolio

2,150 euro

Website + shop

The Golden Jay marketing session
Result-oriented optimization
Result-oriented optimization
Contact page
"About Us"
Blog / Portfolio
Online store

2,850 euro

– customization is always possible for specific industries –

After the introduction A website in 3 steps

Kies en webdesign - website laten maken StoryBrand

1. Choose a design

Choose from one of the designs that appeals to you. Because the corporate identity of the company is fully integrated, the design becomes unique.

2. The Marketing Session

Take the Golden Jay marketing session to determine the content of the website.

De Gouden Gaai marketingsessie Homepage Contactpagina "Over ons" pagina Blog Leadgenerator

3. Live in 4 weeks

The site is delivered 4 weeks after the marketing session. Smaller projects can be realized even faster.

Do you know the feeling...

that you spend hours fiddling with the website to get something right while you have to focus on your core business?

With an effective website of the Gouden Jay you can do business again while the website provides the necessary leads.

At De Gouden Gaai we know that you want to do your business while the website provides the necessary leads. To achieve that, you need a website that clearly communicates your company’s message.

The problem is that there is now a website that was once created but yields nothing. It’s frustrating because you know your business needs more customers.

We believe your business is made for more, you should take matters back into your own hands.

I understand very well that you want your website to deliver more. And that is why we get your marketing message perfect with the proven “The Gouden Jay marketing session”.

This is how we’re going to do it:

  1. Choose a design that suits your company
  2. Do the Golden Jay marketing session
  3. A new site that works within 4 weeks

So, schedule a meeting. This way you avoid a very expensive website that does not even bring in customers. And instead you will quickly get a beautiful and effective website.

5 gouden tips voor websitesucces

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5 golden tips that ensure website success (Dutch)

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Website review
5 gouden tips voor websitesucces

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